We are three very passionate, energetic Chiropractors who graduated from The New Zealand College of Chiropractic and South African College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic Science degree.


We have grown up playing representative sports at a high level and enjoyed having a firm interest in overall health and performance from a young age, all being involved and working in sports and health from a young age.


Dr. Siobhan

Dr Siobhan grew up in New Zealand and competed in athletics from the age of 4 all the way through to adulthood and also performed ballet for over 10 years. Siobhan grew up in the outdoors of New Zealand, playing every sport under the sun, and continues to keep active here in London; running marathons, playing netball, weight training and yoga.
Having been raised in a Chiropractic family, Siobhan’s father and 3 brothers are all Chiropractors. Experiencing the benefits of Chiropractic first hand from a young age, she is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health and over all function through Chiropractic and natural healthcare.


Dr. Terry
Dr Terry grew up in New Zealand and played every sport you can imagine growing up. He played representative basketball and rugby until commencing university studies and followed his passion of health and fitness, attaining a Diploma in Exercise Sport Science. He
has worked as a personal trainer and gym manager for many years and then decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor after experiencing first hand, the benefits of Chiropractic after receiving care for an injury that left him debilitated for 18 months.
He also comes from a family passionate in overall health and wellness and has a brother that is also a Chiropractor.

Dr Kirsten hails from the coastal city of Durban in sunny South Africa, and has been sharing her passion for Chiropractic with her London patients since 2008.
Kirsten's background involves various forms of dance and performance, and she has more recently discovered the amazing benefits of yoga, pilates and gyrotonic for keeping fit and strong.
Kirsten specialises in a very gentle chiropractic approach known as Sacro-Occipital Technique, and is a board certified Craniopath. She loves adjusting people of all ages, and has a special interest in helping those patients who have experienced concussion or head trauma through sport or accidents, as well as babies and children.
Kirsten has always been in awe of the miraculous, inherent healing ability of the body, and loves nothing more than introducing people to a new level of vitality through natural health and the chiropractic lifestyle.

We believe that health comes from the inside out and that our everyday choices, actions and lifestyle contribute greatly to our overall health and wellbeing. Chiropractic is something we believe can help everyone, as it is about helping your nervous system, your movement and your spinal health; increasing your overall wellness and potential.
We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and working towards greater health through Chiropractic care.
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