Chiropractic Alchemy provides this privacy policy to describe how any data and information is use and stored, relative to you.
All staff at Chiropractic Alchemy are committed to protecting your privacy as a client of our practice.
From your first interaction when you choose to provide any information with us, by which you can be identified, we assure you that any personal data will be collected, stored and used in compliance with this privacy policy.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this privacy statement, or any questions relating to your personal data, please email us at

For all of our services at Chiropractic Alchemy, we require you to enter into an agreement for us to store and process your personal data to provide you with a professional health care service. In order to provide you with appropriate information and communication, we may contact you via phone, email or SMS. You always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving any course of communication when you wish to.

How we use your information at Chiropractic Alchemy

When you become a client of Chiropractic Alchemy and have visited our clinic, you will provide us consent to process your personal data and necessary information. This signed consent is our legal basis for processing. By law we are required to contact you for reasons such as sharing confidential medical information, reminding you about upcoming appointments, keeping you up to date with relevant news and information, while also providing you information to best help you with your health needs. Personal data is used solely by staff at Chiropractic Alchemy, protected by secure passwords and locked computers when not in use. If hard documents are to be stored, these are locked away in secure drawers and cupboards.

Your information will never be sold, distributed or leased to any third party.


We are bound by the General Chiropractic Council protocol, as registered Chiropractors, when required to share your information to other medical or relevant health professionals.
Explanation of the full protocol can be found here:

In brief; we will need your written consent before we are able to share records, notes, x-rays or personal information with any other medical or relevant health professionals.


A cookie is a small text file which asks permission to be downloaded onto your computer or smartphone when you visit a website. It allows the website to recognise your device each time you access the website. These cookies will store some information about your preferences or past actions to receive the most appropriate information for you.

Storing your information

By law, we are required to store your personal information for up to seven years from the date of your last visit. We encourage you to keep your information up to date with us, and you can easily do this when you come in to visit us at our clinic.
At Chiropractic Alchemy we store your data securely on our software called ‘Cliniko’. This data is only accessible with a strong password, protected by our data controllers or data processors. This data is kept on servers within the EU.
Whenever hard documents, files or notes are required to be printed, these are stored in a locked cabinet and out of view.

Your rights

In regards to your personal information, you always have the rights to the following:

  • The right to be informed about how we use your information.
  • The right to access any of your personal information we store.
  • The right to correct any of your personal information which is inaccurate.
  • The right to request that we stop processing your information. I.e: using your information for any or all of the purposes set out in this privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may update our privacy policy in accordance to changes in data protection law, or in relation to any changes in the way we provide our services to you. We encourage you to stay familiar with our privacy policy and to remember that we will always contact you when any significant changes are made.

How to contact us

We are here to provide the best service we can for you. So if you have any feedback or questions at all about anything at all, if you would like a copy of this policy, or a copy of any of your personal information we store, and/or would like to update any of your records, please contact us in your own time: and phone 0208 960 5485.