“Excellent, I went in for my aching hips and came out with an overall understanding of what is happening within my body. 
Communication with Terry Holmes was just right for me. Finally I met a professional who truly understands what changes my body is going through. I am normally really nervous and anxious about going to see a Chiro or anyone who might crack my back. 
Terry explained what was happening in a step by step process. I came out feeling relieved and peaceful. 
I really noticed the difference a pair of trousers was too small the following day the bloated feeling had subsided and the trousers now fit…Yahoo !! There is no overnight fix everything takes time to get back to normal my body has started have more energy and am looking forward to my next visit.
I now have a plan and am looking forward to working my way back to optimum health. 
Thank you for my plan, your passion and knowledge is outstanding.”