At Chiropractic Alchemy, we understand your needs and that “Everyone is Different”, so we
use an array of adjusting techniques unique to you to achieve the best desired results.

Addressing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain by finding the root cause of the problem.

Assessing and adjusting feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders elbows and wrists, which contributes to overall body function and performance.

Helping with overall nerve function; through better postural and movement habits, affecting reflexes, balance and coordination.


Addressing potential dysfunction and increasing optimal athletic performance as well as helping with injury prevention.


Initial consultation, examination and treatment £90
Follow up £45
Students & children under 15
Initial consultation, examination and treatment £70
Follow up £40
Children under 5
Initial consultation, examination and treatment £50
Follow up £30

Assessing movement patterns from a young age and potential dysfunction from birth can help prevent further issues as we age, resolved with gentle adjustments.

Assisting in teaching your body proper spinal and musculoskeletal function/movement with specific spinal exercises.

Assessing function of the cranial and upper spine and relieving potential dysfunction.

Improving skeletal and muscle function to improve overall nerve function for sensation and motor function.